About Scott Wozniak & Member-Driven Church Consulting

Scott has had a diverse career with a lot of leadership experience, ministry experience, many consulting clients...blah, blah, blah. The details are below, if you're curious. What he's really like: an extroverted people-person (he grew up performing on stages--the larger the crowd the better) who craves hours alone to read and think (he reads 3-4 books at all times), a card-carrying nerd (attended a Star Wars convention--dressed as  Jedi, of course) who loves extreme sports (skydiving, scuba, black diamond skiing, etc), and a highly competitive man who believes that the best life is one lived in quiet service to others. Only Jesus, who is his close friend as well as Lord, makes all of that work! Plus, his wife is extremely patient and somehow finds his quirks charming rather than annoying.

Scott Wozniak works as a consultant for Chick-fil-A’s corporate headquarters, specifically focused on organization-wide leadership initiatives, has founded two member-driven churches, and speaks around the nation. His unusual career path began on stage, of all places. He started performing (acting, singing, even dancing) at the age of four and continued through college, including earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Performance. Then he shifted to ministry both in local churches and organizations like Focus on the Family, Kanakuk Kamps, and Real Change. He was formally ordained and ended up ministering with churches in five denominations across six States. Along the way, he also earned a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, joined Mensa, earned certifications from and then became a Master Trainer for two professional life coaching organizations. In addition to his work with Chick-fil-A, he consults with and speaks for clients that include banks, churches, government leaders, and entrepreneurs. He lives in the Atlanta area with his beautiful wife (a Professor of Christian Theology), and four children (three fierce little princesses and one little warrior).


If you are  interested in learning about getting help and ideas on how to transition your church, or start a church, to be member-driven, please contact me. There is a range of options, from some general materials and advice to personal coaching during the process, to onsite visits and help in executing the transition alongside of you. Pricing is based on 1) your church size/budget--the larger the church the more work required to transition; and 2) the package of support options you choose.

Twitter: @ScottEWozniak

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