Thursday, September 8, 2011

First book finished--Now What?

At long last, the book Awake From Atrophy has been sent to the printers and should be in my hands by the end of September. The ebook version is available at Barnes & Noble's and Amazon's ebook selling sites.


It took me over four years to write that book, getting up early and going to bed late. So now what?

I've already had conversations with a few church leaders who had read an earlier (typos included) version of the book. We're working on implementing the principles of member-driven church into their existing structure. I hope more of that happens. But I can't make people come to me. So what do I work on in my spare time?

For now, it's not a second book. Eventually, I hope to write many book. But the main point of writing the book was stimulating a larger conversation (and Reformation) in the worldwide church. So now it's time to figure the best ways to get the larger conversation going, to move from something a few know to a worldwide movement.

I don't have the money, time, or interest in doing a standard media-based marketing campaign. I'm already doing to try to blog. Any ideas on how best to do this?

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  1. Grass-roots marketing is extremely effective. Keep a link for a request for the free ebook alive and keep posting it on Twitter and Facebook. Find some cheep prizes to give to people who link to your site or retweet your post. Business cards with the link address and a note about getting the book for free would be great to pass out at events. And finally keep praying. Nothing you can do will make this take flight. It's in God's hands!