Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Importance of What the Bible Doesn't Say

While it's crucial to know what the Bible says about life, church, etc., it's also important to be clear on what the Bible doesn't say. If God chose not to speak on a particular issue, it wasn't because He didn't know it would be important to us. It wasn't an oversight.

I'm not saying if God is silent on a topic we have to be silent. He did give us brains and (even better) the Holy Spirit. He does speak to us personally. And I do think we can and should use general biblical principles to think about a variety of specific situations.

But I am saying that we should speak with different authority and insistence on those topics the Bible establishes clear rules for and those topics it doesn't. Where God has chosen not to speak, be cautious what you say.

It is a sign of prideful immaturity to declaim with great certainty on a topic God chose not to establish a rule for. Be mature and restrained in your rule-making where God has chosen silence. He may be okay with a variety of approaches in an area you'd prefer to limit to only the way you think is best.

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