Monday, May 14, 2012

Best Mother's Day Service I've Done

Our grand Mother's Day plan--we cancelled services and said, "Spend the day blessing the mother(s) in your life. Give her a day of rest."

Think about it. In a typical family, who does a lot of the work getting the kids ready for church? And it's no secret that women do the majority of the volunteering at churches.

And I don't know about your mother/wife, but when you ask a mother what she wants: more rest! I think it's part of the definition for the word "mother": woman so busy caring for her children (and husband) she has little to no time left for herself.

The idea of having all these overworked women gear up for another major event, during which they'll do the lion's share of the work, seems counterproductive. So we gave them all the day off and encouraged everyone to take that extra time to bless the mother(s) in their life.

But, good Christians meet every week, right? Actually, the Bible encourages us to meet regularly, but does not say anything about a weekly requirement. Generally, we do meet every Week. But we also don't want to dogmatically uphold a rule that God didn't establish.

One family in our church told me the day off allowed them to take a family trip to CallawayGardens (about 2 hour drive from them). My family let our wife sleep in, to have her wake up to pictures from our kids (see above pic) and a big breakfast I made--rest and quality time, exactly what she needed.

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